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Empowering The Next Generation


Established in 2022, the Fisher Foundation is a non-profit organisation that cultivates conservation awareness in children residing near national parks and protected wildlife areas. Through innovative programmes and practical solutions, we aim to empower these youngsters to become the future stewards of our natural heritage.


Our mission is to foster a collaborative network of partners and allies. Together, we will cultivate a transformative shift in community mindsets towards conservation. By equipping them with resourceful solutions, we empower these young people and their families who face socio-economic challenges to become active participants in protecting the environment they call home.

It is my heartfelt wish that through constructive partnerships and initiatives we can make a meaningful difference.


"By nurturing a love for conservation during a child's most impressionable years, we're sowing the seeds for a more sustainable future for generations to come. We must be proactive in safeguarding our environment. This forward-thinking approach, akin to successful business strategies, will ensure a world we can be proud to leave behind for our children."

- Richard Fisher

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